The Expat Society is an international network of expats, mobile citizens, global nomads, & friends. We bring together great people from all over the world who, while often separated by borders and oceans, share a common upbringing that values diversity, worldly perspective, as well as a taste for great events and good times. 



Our Vision


Lifelong Community

Our aim is to build on the international exposure and connection many of us feel attached to, all the while inviting others to join our global community.

Home Away From Home

At the very core, we are a group of friends who find comfort and understanding through each others' cultural backgrounds.

Global Interconnectedness

By merging the physical and digital world, we hope to build on an unbreakable community that extends around the globe and brings together like-minded individuals.




Our LA Team

Rahul Bapna

Pedro Salles Leite

Salus Liang
VP Creative

Lena Altaffer
VP Strategy and Operations

Sidney Jaet
VP Events

Carson Long
VP Technology

Bonita Nongluk

Annabel Smith
Photo + Social Media

Imran Kanji
Finance + Legal

Mehdi Bennani
Event Producer

Devin Daher
Tech Project Manager

Alejandro Garcia
Event Producer



Our DC Team

Tara Advaney
Co-President & Curation

Martin Carrizosa Puerto
Co-President & Curation

Lena Youness
Strategy & Development

Tristan MacHale

Regina Soriano

Arthur Manset

Zoey Needham

Maya Ebbesen

Amalia Trigo

Dara Ladjevardian
Digital Strategy

Jelani Williamson

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